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Celebrating the First Year | 1st Birthday Photos in Northern Virginia

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

The first year is such an important milestone. Both for baby and parents.

Both learn and grow so much in that first year of baby's life. Your heart grows more in love. You learn that you're capable of so much more. You grow in your relationships with your partner, parents, and loved ones. The first year is, indeed, a wild ride.

This sweet girl, Claire, has been eager to learn and move since I first met her at only a couple weeks old. Now that she's a year old and on the move, you can see her wild and adventurous personality shine through.

Don't let her furrowed brow and look of concern fool you. Claire was very curious about her surroundings just very apprehensive about a big camera following her every move!

Parent's have just as much reason to celebrate themselves at the one year mark. Claire's mom and dad - remember them from this maternity session? - were celebrating the first year of being a family of three and a full year with the title of 'parent'.

Happy Birthday to sweet Claire!

Interested in first birthday and photos for your family? Drop a note and let's capture this beautiful milestone!

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