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Happy Birthday! Celebrating with a 30th Birthday Photo Shoot

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Happy 30th birthday to this beautiful lady! Joanna celebrated her 30th birthday with a fun styled birthday photo shoot and it could not have been more perfect! This session will inspire you to celebrate yourself no matter what age you’re turning.

A little background about my connection with Joanna – we’ve known each other since freshman year in high school! She’s always been so fun and loving, not to mention someone with such a great sense of humor and sense of determination. Joanna’s birthday brings a lot of good memories like her 18th birthday when we took our first solo trip to Ocean City because we were old enough to reserve a hotel room. Plus, subsequent birthday beach trips since that’s the perfect way to celebrate a July birthday!

Joanna had a full vision for her birthday photos complete with a sultry champagne colored dress, open fields, and of course adorable props!

Ready to have your own birthday photo session? Keep scrolling for birthday photo shoot ideas that will have you ready to toss confetti and pop champagne!

Making Your Adult Birthday Photo Shoot Perfect

This birthday photo session was perfect in so many ways. Ultimately the perfection stemmed from Joanna having a vision and her stellar ability to make that vision come to life. Knowing a general idea of how you would like your photos to look will help you prepare.

Here’s how you can discover your own birthday photo shoot style with three things:

Photography Style: What kind of photography do you like? Do you find yourself gravitating toward dark and moody images? Maybe you find the light and airy style more your thing. Identifying the style of photography that you prefer will help make your photo session that much better.

Mood: Allow how you’re feeling come out through your photos! Thrilled to be hitting this life milestone? Set a joyful tone with bright colors and glittery vibes. Feeling a new sense of maturity? Go for an elegant, upscale vibe.

Location: Where you have your birthday photo shoot is important since it helps set the mood. For example, if you’re feeling wild and free, then you’re likely looking for open outdoor spaces versus busy city streets. Location also lends itself to variety in your photos with varying backdrops and lighting options.

What to Bring to a 30th Birthday Photo Shoot

Being solo in front of the camera can be a little daunting! The use of props helps add variety to your photos while also giving you something to interact with.

Posing with Birthday Balloons - You’re only turning this age once! Punctuate how awesome this birthday is with large metallic number balloons. Plus, they last for a while after your session so you can keep the celebration going!

Biodegradable Confetti in Photos – Add a magical touch to your birthday photo shoot by incorporating biodegradable confetti. Whether you toss or blow confetti, it adds a soft framing element to your photos. Confetti options range but popular options include dried flowers for a natural look or biodegradable paper confetti in various shapes and colors. This session used the latter and the paper confetti was easy to use and was super cute in photos.

Spraying a Bottle of Champagne – Perfect way to top off your birthday photo shoot? Pop the bubbly! This was much easier than I anticipated. Find a cheap bottle of sparkling wine (that still looks pretty for photos), gently open the bottle, hold your thumb partially over the top, shake and spray it! Be sure to spray away from the camera to see the awesome spouts of champagne (and to protect camera gear!).

Birthday Photo Shoot Ideas For Adults

Start planning your birthday photo shoot! You deserve to celebrate yourself and walk away with a gallery of beautiful images to remember this special milestone in your life!

Finding inspiration in these birthday photo shoot images? Pin them on Pinterest.

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