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A Fall Maternity Session at the Virginia State Arboretum | Boyce, Virginia

Babies, babies everywhere! Last week I shared that I was expecting baby #2. Baby Boy Peters will be making his debut in early April. All this time that I've been pregnant, I've been loving the maternity sessions.

Lisa and Greg's session was no exception! Our time together was SO fun. They're welcoming their sweet baby this month and definitely wanted to document the baby bump!

We met up at my favorite, the Virginia State Arboretum in Boyce, Virginia. This late into the fall was absolutely a gorgeous time at the Arboretum. Each time I visit, I think 'oh, this is my favorite time of the year here...', but this was the first time I've been there so late into the fall. Normally there are blooming gardens all around but this time those gardens were all dormant. Suddenly the trees and bushes were the main focal point in the gardens - bringing forth gorgeous greens and a variety of neutrals in the tall grasses and remaining foliage. Pair these neutrals and greens with their outfit color scheme and it was pure perfection.

During our time, we walked and talked and took an abundance of photos along the way. There was so much joy and humor shared between these two! As you go through these photos, you see the bursting happiness :) Those traits - especially a sense of humor - will go a long way with a new born!

This sweet baby is in for a lifetime of love and happiness with these two as parents. Very excited for Lisa and Greg on their new addition!

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