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A Total Vibe | Fall Photos at the Manassas Battlefields

The Manassas Battlefields are a special place. History aside, the battlefields offer a door into nature central to Northern Virginia.

Hiking, picnics, sledding in the winter, walking the trails with your horse - there's so much to do. Taking pictures in the battlefields is without a doubt my favorite thing to do.

To my clients, it's no secret that I have a favorite location in the battlefields. While most would opt for the bridge or near the stone house, I have a little spot that almost feels like a secret.

When Bekah and Nick reached out for photos at the begging of September and opted for the battlefields, I was pumped. This spot has always exceeded my expectations. The one mystery - what would this spot be like at the beginning of September?

Not quite summer, not quite fall, September photos in Northern Virginia is anyone's guess. Are you dealing with bugs for days and thick humidity? Or are you enjoying the cooler temperatures that give great sunsets and perfect golden glow?

Our September session totally took me by surprise. We were expecting that evening but decided to charge on in hopes that the rain clouds missed us. Bonus for an overcast evening and the ability to take pictures wherever we pleased.

Much to my surprise, I pulled up to this secret spot and the fields were filled with big, tall lush white wildflower bushes. Absolutely amazing! I've truly never seen the fields like this before.

Bekah and Nick arrived with their young pup, Tucker, and were perfectly dressed for photos in the field. It was a total vibe - overcast skies, amazing wild flowers, and perfect attire.

We had so much fun walking through the fields and taking photos. Bekah and Nick were up for getting creative and the end result was *chef's kiss* ah-mazing.

To me, these photos are a country love song. They're that young, fun kind of love where the bond is strong for all of the shared experiences. They're a total vibe in the best way possible!


About Emily Marcella Photography

Emily Marcella Photography is a Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer providing simply classic engagement and wedding photography.

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