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A Virginia State Arboretum Summer Engagement Session | Boyce, Virginia

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Haymarket is on the edge of Northern Virginia's hustle and bustle, at least the way I see it. It was one of the selling points when we moved there. You could go East on 66 and be in Washington, D.C., in 45...60...maybe 90 minutes depending on traffic. Or you could go West on 66 and feel like you're in a different world filled with farms and rolling mountains. Bonus - there's wineries along that west-bound route!

Amanda and James requested their engagement session be held at the Virginia Arboretum in Boyce, Virginia. It's a stunning location filled with beautiful gardens, lots of space, and of course the gorgeous whitewashed brick building that pops up when you scroll through the social channels. So naturally, that's an excellent spot for engagement photos.

Our session was an opportunity for me to head west on 66 and take that gorgeous drive up a notch by driving through Delaplane, Virginia. Driving there I watched the sun begin to drop and illuminate the tall grasses. Suddenly spots off the side of the road looked like perfect vignettes for photos. I shared that with Amanda and her response was something to the effect of 'we would have met you!'. Instantly, I knew this was going to be a good session with that openness to try various photography ideas!

Once we started shooting at the Arboretum, magic happened. Yep, and that's all thanks to how cute Amanda and James were together. They nailed posing right from the start and made it look so natural. The love these two share is so heart warming and just when you think you can't handle their cuteness - they'd share their silly side and have you laughing!

Remember Sara and Nick's engagement at Bear Chase with Sara's sister? Well Amanda's sister, Bree, joined us as a second set of eyes [so helpful!] and to join in on the fun. Apparently, there's a running joke that Bree's the third wheel to Amanda and James. She played along joining in on the photos holding a sign stating her role. But really Amanda and Bree are super close sisters and James is lucky to have both of them in his life!

Come on September, Amanda and James need to get married and their love needs to be celebrated!

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