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A Wild One | Baby Rylan Turns One

Celebrating the first birthday is a momentous occasion for both baby and parents.

You have taken care of this little one since day one. You’ve seen their life unfold before your eyes. The highs and the lows. The late nights and the early mornings. The coos and the cries. So much happens in the first year, that it makes sense to make a big deal out of a first birthday.

Milestones should be well documented. Ten years from now when you’re celebrating an eleven year old, you’ll look back at these photos and remember the dimples in their chubby hands, the belly laughs from silly faces, and the pride you felt from being a parent to this little human for a whole year.

The Celano family took the time to celebrate their sweet boy Rylan for his first birthday. This ‘wild one’ themed family session was so full of smiles from all three of them but especially from Rylan. He is the happiest little guy and was fond of exploring his teepee while dancing and clapping along.

Personally, I find it important during these first birthday sessions to capture not only the birthday baby and the family, but the parents as a couple, too. The first year of being parents is a ‘wild one’ but it happened because of the effort and teamwork from the two of you. Your connection has deepened and the appreciation you have for the other will show through in these portraits.

When you scroll to the end of this post, you’ll find two images intentionally paired – a photo of the ‘one’ letters next to mom and dad walking down the path. Sentiment being that this is a milestone you’ve reached on the path of your life that you continue to walk.

Location: The Manassas Battlefields, June 2021

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