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A Wildflower Wedding at Marriott Ranch | Hume, Virginia

Olivia + Jonathan | Married


One of the joys about attending weddings, especially as a photographer, is seeing the unique connection the couple shares. Olivia and Jonathan were no exception. Their connection was deep and visible to those who were around them.

July 3rd was an incredible day for a wedding in Hume, Virginia. There was no humidity, a breeze, and dramatic overcast skies that changed to a warm golden sunset. You could not ask for a better day to get married in the Summer.

Marriott Ranch is surrounded by gorgeous views. From the sprawling mountains to open fields, any direction you turn, there's something gorgeous to see. A beautiful backdrop for the most special occasion you could host.

As I arrived, this beautiful event was just being set up. Samantha and her team were working overtime with the most stunning wildflower arrangements everywhere you looked. It's no secret that flowers are my favorite - I talk about them in all my wedding posts. This wedding far exceeded any expectation I could have for wedding florals. They were gorgeous and they were everywhere you turned. The wrought iron chandelier was adorned with a floral garland. The stone fireplace mantel was overflowing with wildflower wedding floral arrangements. Wildflowers were everywhere and I was in love!

Ceremony time began to approach and guests made their way to the ceremony site. I happened to notice a lot of floral patterns in guests' attire but brushed it off as a coincidence. Then I realized it was a request of the bride's - again, totally up my alley. It just so happened that I was wearing my floral top, too. *Insert hair flip*

Vows were exchanged as the warm breeze kept flowing and clouds moved along in the sky.

The remainder of the wedding was a joy to document. Olivia and Jonathan celebrated their marriage with their friends and family enjoying the festivities. These two were so in-tune to each other. While they may have been separated, visiting with their guests, they quickly found their way back to each other. A connection that creates a strong foundation for their marriage.

Congratulations to Olivia and Jonathan! May your marriage flourish like all the wildflowers at your wedding!

Vendor Team:

Venue + Catering: Marriott Ranch in Hume, Virginia

Photographer: Emily Marcella Photography in Haymarket, Virginia

DJ: DJ Topedo in Columbia, Maryland

Cake: Simply Desserts in Fairfax, Virginia

Photobooth: Famous Vintage Camper Co. serving Northern Virginia

Snow Cone Truck: Kona Ice

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