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Small Wedding Perfection | Old Town Warrenton, Virginia

Lisa + Nick | Married


Lisa and Nick had their intimate wedding ceremony in the heart of Warrenton in front of their children and best friends at The Fauquier History Museum at the Old Jail.

Yes, you read it right. The 'old jail' and it was the coolest little spot that I can almost guarantee you'd miss if you didn't know it was there. Their ceremony took place in the stone courtyard framed by two buildings. Each building *I believe* had old jail cells. You could look through the barred off windows to see them! Talk about character and a unique venue!

These two were incredibly cognizant of the role COVID played on wedding plans and made sure to have a safe ceremony where everyone felt comfortable and welcomed. In the end, all of the planning was absolutely beautiful.

Lisa and I bonded over the fact that we LOVED fresh flowers. She had a natural eye for details which came through in her dress, accessories, hair and makeup, flowers - all of it! The cherry on top - her aubergine-colored vintage Louis Vuitton heels. So gorgeous :)

As a wedding photographer, I get the pleasure to see how weddings come together. Just like every couple is different, every wedding is different. They're all equally special and an honor to be a part of.

If you are a couple considering an intimate wedding, either for budget or ease or because of COVID, then I think Lisa and Nick's wedding is a wonderful example of how to get everything from your special day. Allow me to share tips to have the perfect intimate wedding.

Vendor Team:

Venue: The Fauquier History Museum at the Old Jail in Warrenton, Virginia

Photographer: Emily Marcella Photography in Haymarket, Virginia

Videographer: McRae Visual Media in Warrenton, Virginia

Florist: Village Flowers in Warrenton, Virginia

Cake: Gateau Bakery in Warrenton, Virginia

Officiant: Sweet & Simple Celebrations in Warrenton, Virginia

3 Tips for Small Wedding Perfection

Focus on the Most Important Parts of a Wedding

As you know, there are several elements to a wedding day - getting ready, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, to name a few. Your wedding day can be pared down to the most special moments a newly wed couple can experience. For this couple it was an intimate ceremony, their first dance, cutting cake and toasting with champagne, and time for their bride and groom portraits. They were able to walk away from their wedding day with special memories of the meaningful parts of their wedding.

Scale Back the Guest List

Sure, you saw this tip coming from a mile away but it needs to be acknowledged again! Currently, the state of Virginia, along with a lot of other states, have significant restrictions on the number of guests a social gathering can have. The silver lining to this mandate - it's the perfect opportunity to be surrounded by the people who mean the most to you.

All of the sudden obligation-invitations are a thing of the past - nope, don't need to awkwardly invite coworkers whom you see enough of on Zoom, buh-bye long list of parent's friends you haven't met and surely don't remember from when you were ten, so sorry Aunt Sally that you can't make it!

Micro-guest lists mean you will chat with everyone, take photos with everyone, and remember everyone who came to your wedding. That is a gift in itself!

Small Weddings Allow for Great Portrait Time

Inevitably the best laid timelines will change on the wedding day. I've seen it happen countless times before. Usually, to make sure your guests are satisfied, the formal portrait time is the first to be cut back. Why? Because those usually happen right after the ceremony when guests go to cocktail hour. But if the ceremony starts late or family portraits take longer, then time needs to be made up so that dinner can be served on time and your guests stay happy.

There's two ways to protect that precious formal portrait time - have a first look prior to your ceremony where it's just you and your soon-to-be spouse OR have a small wedding where the focus is on you and not the logistics of carrying out a large event.

With a small wedding, you two are just as in love and dressed up but now the camera can solely focus on the two of you! You'll likely get more portraits with variety in locations and poses, topping off your celebration in the perfect way.

Bonus Tip - after you've enjoyed your small wedding with the most important people, the two of you can graciously bow out from your celebration and enjoy the rest of your evening together. If you're waiting for a luxurious honeymoon later down the road, might I suggest a cozy bed and breakfast the night of your wedding?

There are upsides to having a small wedding celebration! Lisa and Nick were a shining example of how to get the most from your special day. Congratulations to these two!


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