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Baby O'Malley | At Home Newborn Photos in Northern Virginia

There's something so cozy about being at home with your newborn baby. Snuggling up together, always looking at their sweet face, watching their hand wrap around your one finger.

In that moment, anything else that may matter falls away.

Meeting Baby O'Malley was a morning to remember. It was the very beginning of December. Cold rain was coming down, puddling up along the street.

Walking into their home brought an instant transformation. Going from a chilly cold and grey atmosphere into a warm and cozy family room where you feel at home.

Hints of the holidays were starting to emerge, family was visiting and I was greeted by their sweet fur baby Zoey, an excited fluffy little Papillon.

We started their photos together in the main bedroom. Relaxed, snuggling on baby. I absolutely love how one window brought in the perfect amount of light. Giving the perfect amount of glow and shadow.

Baby O'Malley was so perfect for his photos. Alert and very interested in what mom and dad were doing. Even posing for the camera.

The nice thing about newborn photos at home is the ability to capture your home in this new chapter of life. Being on the other side, I love seeing our son's newborn photos and our home decorated with newborn items. Only a few years later and the newborn season is over, all of those sweet reminders living on in photos.

We continued photos in his nursery where mom and dad fed and read to him. Sister Zoey was in on the action, checking in on the family and moving on to her own thing.

Their session wrapped up in a relaxed sitting room with the fire place turned on. Final photos were taken as the four of them snuggled up on the couch.

Interested in Booking Newborn Photos at Home?

There's no better way to capture your growing family than in the comfort of your own home. If you're expecting a baby and are interested in at home newborn photos in Northern Virginia, then please reach out! I'd love to learn more about your growing family.

Maternity and newborn photo sessions can be booked together at a discounted rate.


About Emily Marcella Photography

Emily Marcella Photography is a Northern Virginia Family Photographer providing simply classic photography to capture your growing family.

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