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Bump to Baby: & Baby James Makes Three

Pure nostalgia washed over me as I captured Baby James' newborn photos. Seeing this new family of three took me right back to the first days of being home with my first born.

Everyday is a new experience. You feel sure and unsure at the same time. While it doesn't seem apparent in the moment, each day gets a little more familiar and easier to navigate.

Before those early days with a newborn are the nine months of dreaming about those days. Thinking if baby will be a boy or a girl. Will they have hair? Should the nursery be soft neutrals or more colorful?

Maternity photos are another piece to the nine month wait. They're a wonderful way to illustrate the in-between of two chapters, especially when welcoming the first baby.

Baby James' parents had their maternity session at Silver Lake in Haymarket. It was late August but we could not have asked for a better day - low humidity and even some partial clouds. Everything was lush and vibrant. Together we walked along the lake taking photos where the glow was just right.

I just love the sweetness of maternity sessions like this one. The interactions between a couple who are venturing into parenthood together. Again, sharing that sure but unsure feeling with your partner.

Maternity Photos at Silver Lake Park in Haymarket, Virginia

The best part about these bump to baby posts is knowing I'll get to see mom and dad again when baby makes their debut. The excitement I get to experience when the email comes through that baby is here is so incredible, something I've mentioned before. A real perk to the job!

Newborn photos at home are the perfect way to take a snapshot of your life, and as someone who's experienced it, a gift to your future self. What I would give to experience those first few weeks over again as first-time parents.

Seeing Ashley and Justin with their newborn baby boy brought back a flood of my own memories. Seeing them hold baby James' and get him dressed for photos - my husband and I did the same. Seeing them cuddle him in the glider and stand over him while he was in the crib - did the same four years earlier.

I'm grateful to witness and capture these moments for another family. Being reminded of my own experiences and reliving those memories is even more of a gift.

That afternoon I left their house and, since it was on the way home, picked up my first born early. I can still see glimmers of his newborn face even as he's growing into a young kid (not even a toddler anymore!). Seeing his surprise that I was there early and the big hug he gave was something I'll remember.

Newborn Photography at Home | Northern Virginia Family Photographer


About Emily Marcella Photography

Emily Marcella Photography is a Northern Virginia Maternity and Newborn Photographer providing simply classic photography to capture your growing family.

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