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Alex & Elisabeth | Charlottesville Engagement Photos at Hazy Mountain Vineyards in Afton, Virginia

Charlottesville is a gem within Virginia. Central to mountains and wineries; rich with history. It's a pleasure to be able to photograph couples with Charlottesville's surrounding areas as a backdrop.

Alex and Elisabeth have been on the blog before, playing a supporting role to Alex's brother and sister-in-law, Nick and Elizabeth, in their May 2022 wedding.

Well wouldn't you know when Elisabeth caught the bouquet at Nick and Elizabeth's wedding, that a proposal was in her near future. There was one person who was over-the-moon excited for Elisabeth to catch the bouquet and that was Alex's mother:

What a wonderful surprise and massive compliment that Alex and Elisabeth reached out to me to capture their own wedding day. Seriously, the highest compliment I can receive!

Engagement photos serve two important purposes in your wedding photography experience and should absolutely be taken!

First, this is an opportunity to be in front of the camera before your wedding day. How often are you in front of the camera? Likely not often. An engagement session is a great chance to try out posing and figure out what makes you two comfortable while being photographed.

Second, engagement photos allow you to get to know your wedding photographer before your wedding day. Building a connection with your photographer will allow you to feel at ease on your wedding day. Besides, your photographer loves the opportunity to get to know you two better!

Alex took the lead on finding a location and at first we had planned on a beautiful garden setting just outside of Charlottesville. Fortunately for them, the location fell through. Everything happens for a reason, though!

Hazy Mountain Vineyards was the next location Alex suggested. And in the end it was perfect! Before we could discover that it was perfect, we had to go up against the weather.

Overcast skies and the occasional shower kept me on my toes during the drive down to Hazy Mountain. What really had me white knuckling was the drive UP to the actual winery. It was straight up a windy road. I really questioned if my car could even make it!

Seeing Alex and Elisabeth was absolutely wonderful. Only six months has passed but so much had happened - like a major engagement!

Sure enough as we started our session, the rain let up and we were able to capture some magic. We started out on the patio. Hazy Mountain has ample outdoor seating with beautiful views overlooking the vineyard.

The colors were incredibly vibrant for early November. Beautiful yellows and warm oranges filled the vines and surrounding trees.

Alex and Elisabeth were so cute together, always by each others side, naturally posing with the most genuine emotion.

What was so unique to their session was the range of weather. Seriously, during our time, we had dramatic overcast skies, a RAINBOW, a sunset that looked like the sky was on fire in the most beautiful way, AND the moon made an appearance at the very end. So incredible!

Time flew by! Before we knew it, the sun had set and the moon became brighter and brighter. Leaving Hazy Mountain, I was so thankful and satisfied with our time together knowing Alex and Elisabeth would have beautiful engagement photos to commemorate this time of life.

Like the colors we witnessed during their engagement photos, Alex and Elisabeth's love is so vibrant and energetic. Their wedding day will be beautiful and hopefully another fiery sunset will make its appearance in May 2023!

Looking for a Photographer for Your Charlottesville Wedding?

I would love to get to know you two and everything you have planned for your beautiful Charlottesville wedding. Allow me to share my wedding experience guide with you - just send me a note through the contact page!


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Emily Marcella Photography is a Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer providing simply classic wedding photography to capture your love story. Providing Northern Virginia and Charlottesville wedding and engagement photography services.

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