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Fall Senior Portraits at a Horse Farm in The Plains, Virginia

Keeping the graduation celebration alive by sharing Riley's senior photos!

Now these were taken back in November but I want to share them now because graduation season is upon us, for one, and two, show that senior portraits can be taken in any season. Love the fall? Why not take your senior photos in the season that you love. Plus, it's a fun way to keep the senior vibe alive at the beginning of the school year.

Now about this smart girl! I met Riley for the very first time when I was in middle school and her dad was holding her hands helping her walk when she was one. Our parents became friends so I had the pleasure to see Riley grow up. It was truly special to take her senior photos!

Riley has grown up to be quite the equestrian and requested that we take her photos at the farm where she rides in The Plains. This is such a good tip for seniors and parents who are trying to decide where to take senior photos - find a place that reflects your senior! It will bring out their genuine personality, making their photos that much better. Of course, just bringing props that reflect your senior's hobbies and passions can also bring out the best in them.

The day of our session was quite overcast but gave our session a dramatic element. Add in some expertly curated outfits and, oh, just a few horses and it was a total mood. Riley brought out one of the horses she rode and cared for to take photos with. This was a total first for me and, I'll be honest, I was a little nervous of the big guy. Riley put me at ease with her gentle approach caring for the horse. He responded well to her commands. He posed along side her, definitely not nudging her on for treats...never! It was so special to see them together.

After awhile it was time for the horse to go back to his stable so that we could move around the farm for more photos. The ivy covered grounds, stone fences, and tree lined driveway gave this overcast day some character and texture.

Before too long, we were along a fence line watching baby horses off in the distance. Wouldn't you know it, our horse whisperer, Riley, was loving on those babies as they came right up to the fence she was posing on. Such a magical sight!

A big congratulations to Riley on the major accomplishments of graduating high school and being accepted to Longwood University where she'll continue her educational career!

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