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Photos with Grandma + Grandpa | Haymarket Virginia Family Photographer

As a mom of a little boy (aka The Assistant), I am always curious what he'll be like as he gets older. Right now at a year and a half some of his favorite things are Elmo, his stuffed Fox, reading books, and swinging at the park. So what will he be like when he's six? Elmo will probably be a thing of the past and he'll definitely be too big for the baby swing. That's why I love family sessions like this one - I get a glimpse into family life with older kids!

This sweet family session was with Grandma, Grandpa, and two spunky six year old grandsons. As a gift, their mom organized a photo session between the four of them to commemorate their special bond. We met at the Haymarket Museum, a beautiful white building with green space and a classic bright red train car. This beautiful space allowed us a lot of variety in a small foot print.

These boys love their grandparents, especially Grandpa! So to make them feel comfortable - because being on the spot at six can be a little intimidating - I'd ask them what they love to do with their grandparents. Turns out these boys loved to play games and play guitar with grandpa! I never would have guessed guitar but what a fun hobby to try out with your grandkids.

As our session progressed, the boys opened right up asking for their picture to be taken in different spots and offering pose suggestions. Not sure what to do in front of the camera? Try smiling with your thumbs up. Works every time :) Personally, I loved their arms crossed pose at the end of this post. What better way to pose with your twin brother?!

While The Assistant has some time before he's six, it was great to learn that these guys liked Spiderman (one of my favorites) and using their imagination while playing on the train.

Interested in booking a photo session to gift to the grandparents? Email me!

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