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It's Graduation Season! Spring Senior Photos at the State Arboretum in Northern Virginia

It's the cherry on top to your first chapter of education - high school graduation. Early June brings so much celebration to Northern Virginia, as all of the local high schools begin their graduation celebrations.

Growing up in this area, specifically Prince William County, it meant your school's big moment at Jiffy Lube Live (or Nissan Pavilion, depending on when you graduated). For one evening, your family would gather in this massive venue waiting to see you walk across the stage. Your whole graduating class would congregate behind the stage, lining up to take a seat for a commencement ceremony that would go on forever and pass in the blink of an eye.

It's no surprise that I've been reliving high school graduation as I've taken senior sessions this Spring. Emma's senior photos were no exception.

Our time together at the State Arboretum was quite fun. Getting to know her and her parents, as we walked through the gardens, taking photos along the way. Emma is a well decorated graduate of Patriot High School with a bright future ahead of her at William and Mary. You can see all of the colorful cords and accoutrements (yeah, I had to look the spelling up for that word...) paired with her cap and gown means she is dedicated to her educational career.

Emma shared what she'll be majoring in while she attends William and Mary. I don't remember specifically what that major was but I do remember she ended that with a 'on a pre-law track'...and there I was stunned once again by this future generation!

She and her peers of the class of 2021 are off to do great things... as soon as they make that walk across stage. And maybe enjoy Summer break, first :)

Location: The State Arboretum of Virginia in Boyce, Virginia

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