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Welcome Home Baby Collins | Newborn Photos at Home in Northern Virginia

What a beautiful afternoon shared with Baby Collins and her family!

I was welcome at the door by their sweet pup who was very proud and protective of his family. He never strayed too far from the action, either.

We spent most of our time in Baby Collins' nursery. While it makes the most sense for newborn photos, it's also my favorite.

Just as a pregnancy evolves a family, a nursery is an evolving space in a home. All the care that goes into preparing the nursery, all the anticipation, it's a perfect space for photos. As baby grows, the nursery will continue to change so capturing the newness of the nursery is important!

It's important to note that newborn photos show the best - everyone's looking good, happy, and enjoying the moment. The reality is that while yes, it is a wonderful time, birth and the newborn stage are hard.

Mom reached out to me months before this sweet girl's arrival to book this newborn session. January arrived and brought Baby Collins into the world. Such wonderful news! And in the same email mom shared that her experience was not what she expected. We postponed photos a few weeks.

Between taking photos mom and dad shared their experience becoming a family of three. While I listened, the word resilient continually came to mind. These two were incredibly resilient in the face of challenge. A trait that will allow them to fare well as they raise their beautiful daughter.

This session had sweet light moments, too! Reading to Baby Collins, learning that their home was actually mom's childhood home, admiring their beautiful kitchen and snapping a few relaxed photos.

So very thankful for the opportunity to spend time with Baby Collins and her family!

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