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Newborn Photos at Home Just in Time for Christmas | Haymarket, Virginia

A little bundle of joy arrived for the Henshaw family just in time to celebrate Christmas as a family of three! You may recognize mom and dad from their maternity photos at The State Arboretum of Virginia.

Baby boy Henshaw was the cutest little peanut! When I met him, he was sound asleep in mama's arms. Teeny tiny fingers peeked out from his swaddle and the tiny little eyelashes rested on his cheeks.

I must admit, I'm not used to teeny tiny features on newborns. The Assistant was a whopping 10 lbs at birth and had the biggest feet and hands. At the time, I had nothing to compare it to. Now I know better. So when this second baby boy comes along, I'll be very curious to see how large his hands and feet are compared to his brother's.

Baby Henshaw started his photos on a comfy bear rug and quickly realized he was on camera. Being so little and so new to this world did not stop him from showing off his hands and bare feet. Stretching his tiny little legs between photos. He even allowed some newborn smiles to show through, especially when mom and dad were kissing on him.

These loving parents had one super adorable reason to be extra merry this past Christmas and went into the new year filled with so much love and excitement. Congratulations to the Henshaw family!

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