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Northern Virginia Fall Photos | Celebrating Marriage at the State Arboretum

A Northern Virginia Fall photo session that was picture perfect in all of the ways!

Emily and Ben were looking for a fall photo session. Naturally, I suggested the State Arboretum of Virginia thanks to how beautiful the location is - white-washed stone building, so many gardens, glimpses of the mountains with open fields and tall grasses - the backdrops are endless.

The arboretum was a very popular place to be that evening. And rightfully so, it was a beautiful place to be.

Seems silly but we didn't even make it out of the parking lot without taking photos! A flower bed was in full bloom - yes, in the fall - and colors were full vibrancy thanks to the golden sun.

Emily's blue floral dress was perfection for our session. As we made our way into the arboretum, we came across another garden that seemed like it was planted just for these photos. Tucking them in toward the garden (being very respectful toward the arboretum of course), allowing some little white flowers float into the foreground made it seem like the flowers were coming to life on her dress.

With great enthusiasm, Emily and Ben walked the grounds and were open to all of my posing suggestions even when they seemed a little over the top. So grateful for their participation and the opportunity to get creative.

Toward the end the sun was right above the tree tops giving super golden hour vibes. Golden light illuminated their silhouettes while tall grasses swayed in the background - in love with the results!

The final moments of golden light caught us near these large flowering bushes with just enough space to walk through them. So, since Emily and Ben seemed like they'd tolerate one more idea I asked Emily to take Ben by the hand and lead him out of maze of bushes. The magenta flowers framed them perfectly and created fun (hopefully memorable) photos of the two of them!

I am always so grateful for the opportunity to take photos and capture memories but when I'm allowed to literally call the shots and get creative - ah! So fulfilling!

Interested in Booking a Couple's Photo Session?

Capture portraits of the two of you beyond your wedding day. Being this far into your marriage is a reason to celebrate. Spend quality time together capturing your love and how far you two have come.

Let's capture the two of you in a couple's portrait session. Send a note through the contact form to book your session!


About Emily Marcella Photography

Emily Marcella Photography is a Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer providing simply classic photography to capture your engagement, wedding, and moments in marriage.

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