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Northern Virginia Photo Locations: Silver Lake in Haymarket, VA

Looking for a beautiful family photo location in Northern Virginia? Silver Lake Regional Park in Haymarket offers an amazing space to take photos you'll love all year round.

Located just minutes from 66 and route 15, Silver Lake is nestled between Haymarket and Broad Run. This Prince William County park is easy to get to and has plenty of parking close to great photo spots.

Silver Lake Regional Park in Haymarket, VA | Fall 2022

Silver Lake Regional Park in Haymarket, Virginia

Personally, I love Silver Lake as a photo location - there's so much variety in a small footprint. Knowing you can have a variety of backdrops without having to walk long distances is key!

Whether you're looking for open fields, waterfront photos, or wooded areas, you can find those three and more at Silver Lake. Looking for photos on the water? Silver Lake has a fishing dock, wooden bridge, and plenty of bank-side spaces to take photos.

Love the water but want more greenery? Along the water's edge you'll find beautiful textured shrubs, wildflowers and tall grasses. Large overarching trees create a beautiful frame and are close to parking and the park's amenities.

Fall and Winter Photos at Silver Lake in Haymarket, VA

Fall family photos in Northern Virginia are the best with all the beautiful color our area gets. Between early to mid-October the leaves begin to change color. Early October brings a small speckling of the rich reds and oranges. Vibrant yellows hold on the longest and really stand out at the end of October into early November.

From my experience, the best color at Silver Lake has been emerging between October 23rd - 29th from 2019-2022. Of course, peak fall foliage in Northern Virginia fluctuates due to changing weather conditions.

Even in the winter when the leaves have fallen, Silver Lake has a variety of evergreens throughout the park to give the pop of color and great texture. Taller grasses can be found along the bank and in some of the fields, as well.

When to Take Photos at Silver Lake

While you can take photos at Silver Lake in the morning and during the day, the best time to take photos at this Northern Virginia photo spot is in the evenings for golden hour. So why is that? My goal is to keep the sun behind you or slightly off to the side in your photos. This keeps squinting at bay and gives you a pretty glow behind you. In the morning and during the day, it's hard to keep the sun where I want it and get the best spots for photos. The sun is in the perfect position behind the lake in the evenings, however, which produces beautiful photos in Northern Virginia.

My recommendation is to start your session an hour and a half to two hours before sunset. This allows the sun to be high enough for good light and gradually set behind the tree line, making for great golden sunsets.

Examples of Photos Taken at Silver Lake in Northern Virginia

Spring - Late March through May

Summer - June through August


Fall - September through November



Winter - December through Early March


About Emily Marcella Photography

Emily Marcella Photography is a Northern Virginia Family Photographer providing simply classic photography to capture your growing family.

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