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Who Run the World? Girls! Senior Portraits on International Women's Day in Aldie, Virginia

International Women's Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of women and work toward gender equality. This year, I was fortunate enough to have a senior session with Ella on this particular day. The sentiment of this day was not lost on me while I was getting to know Ella and taking her senior portraits.

Ella may be closing the chapter on high school but she's just beginning her journey into college and continuing to make her mark on the world. She shared with me that she'll be heading to NC State University in the fall to major in Criminology and Forensics - hold the phone! That's one impressive venture and not one that many young women take.

Statistics from the 2011 Census (2020 Census stats not available at the time) showed that women only made up 26% of detectives and criminal investigators in the United States. What a boss move to enter this male dominated field!

International Women's Day was certainly top of mind for me that day and it had me thinking of other achievements of women - namely, motherhood. Personally, I was celebrating my accomplishment of being a female, running my own business, while being a mother and a wife. I was nearly 9 months pregnant with my second son and this was my last session before taking a break to welcome him into the world. He was rather chill during our session but on occasion he would kick or wiggle, letting me know he was there.

We also should acknowledge the strong women who are raising the next generation of strong women. Ella's mom was standing by during the session - watching her daughter and cheering her on. Ella's graduation is a major accomplishment for her and for her mom. I'm new to motherhood but already see how much goes into raising kids and can only imagine how much more will go into getting a child through school, sports, teaching them to be good humans...

This post was published almost two months after our session took place, just in time for Mother's Day. I'm writing this sleep deprived, watching my one month old sleep in his swing, listening to my two year old scream with laughter while he plays with dad, and reflecting on how much women bring to the table. Bringing up the next generation, forging paths into male-dominated spaces, pursuing their dreams without taking no for an answer.

Phew, all that to say girls [women] rule!

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