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Summer Maternity Photos at the Manassas Battlefields in Northern Virginia

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Growing up, we would always drive this particular back road if we wanted to drive into Manassas. It paralleled a portion of the battlefields that no one really visited but occasionally you'd see a car parked in a gravel pull off and you could only assume the driver was out exploring this part of the park.

Years passed but I've always thought about this spot, especially as I've taken on photography. So last year when family photos came up, I asked our photographer if we could go off the beaten path to this spot. I loved it - there was open field, some trees, pathways, pretty much a good variety for photos in a fairly small space. Made a mental note to use this location for future sessions.

Fast forward to this Spring when Katie reached out about her maternity photos. She shared the dress she intended to wear and it was stunning, definitely deserved a location that complimented its style. Katie agreed to try out this spot and I'm so thankful she trusted me!

Can we talk about this dress? How great does Katie look in this bohemian floral maternity dress with her sweet baby bump?! She shared that the dress was rented from Etsy and I had no clue you could do that. Such a smart idea.

From the flowing sleeves, to the crocheted trim and all the floral print, this dress was everything and so much more with Katie's natural beauty. Taking photos through out this space was the right choice. Wild flowers, tall grasses, and the warm sunny tones all contributed to a very boho vibe.

Super excited for the McCabe family and their sweet new addition set to make their debut this Summer!

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