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Summer Maternity Portraits in Old Town Alexandria

Alexandria holds such a special place in my heart and the opportunity to take photos down there makes it even more special!

For me, living in Del Ray, just outside of Old Town Alexandria, was a time of total freedom. I was fresh out of college and starting my life.

Alexandria was my first home. My tiny, old garden-style apartment was from the 40’s (I think?) with a tiny gally kitchen and a stove that was so small a cookie sheet had to go in long ways to fit. There was one AC unit that certainly didn’t reach all the way back to my bedroom in the summer time. The floors creaked and the stairwell shared by four apartments echoed with the slightest noise.

It was my life. I could walk to the metro, to King Street, to the tiny old-school grocery store. Saturday morning’s I would walk to the farmers market for the fresh flowers. A bouquet full of fresh local flowers would brighten my apartment and last all week.

The memories flood back every time I drive 495 and merge onto the local lanes. The good memories, the really hard memories, and all of the day-to-day life that was taken for granted in the moment but so dearly missed now.

When the right couple comes along and they request to take their photos in Old Town, I’m giddy!

Christina is expecting her sweet baby later this Summer and reached out about taking her maternity portraits with her husband near the water in Old Town.

We met up for her photos on a Sunday evening in June. This particular weekend was gorgeous – warm, little humidity, and the golden summer evening glow had just started to make its appearance.

There was only one problem – everyone decided that this particular evening was the perfect time to visit Old Town. It was packed!

Fortunately, Old Town has so much character to offer that it’s pretty easy to find quieter side streets and alley ways. A block away is Prince Street. Take away the luxury SUV-lined street and you’re transported back to the beginning – uniquely designed row homes and cobblestone.

A quick walk in any direction and you’ve found a beautiful backdrop for your photos.

Christina was radiant with such a gentle presence while posing with her sweet baby. Even though there’s some time before baby makes their debut, Mike and Christina displayed such excitement and love for their sweet little one.

As we took photos and walked around, the two shared that they’ll be moving soon. Alexandria has been their home, however, and it was important that they capture this milestone in Old Town.

My sentimental heart completely understood <3

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