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The Canouse Family | Spring Family Photos at the Manassas Battlefields

Updated: May 18, 2023

A picture perfect afternoon at the Manassas Battlefields. The weather was cool, the trees were lush, the skies were full of beautiful clouds.

The best part was the opportunity to meet baby Christian and see his parents again. I was fortunate enough to take their maternity photos nearly a year before this evening. At nine months old, Christian was dressed to impressed and locked in on the camera.

We started their Manassas Battlefield session at my favorite tucked away corner. This spot has the perfect path that makes a complete circle. Following that path, you'll get tucked away vignettes and big open fields all in a small walk.

Erik and Russell had perfectly coordinated family photo outfits using navy and white as the anchor colors and incorporated a complimenting soft floral pattern dress to add some texture.

As I mentioned, Christian was locked in on the camera - very interested in what it was and kept his eye on it through our entire time together. He did completely surprise me with his love of John Mayer. Dad knew exactly how to get him to smile by turning on 'Vultures' by John Mayer. The second those first chords played Christian lit up!

There was photo magic that evening! Thank you to the Canouse family for an evening of perfection!


About Emily Marcella Photography

Emily Marcella Photography is a Northern Virginia Family Photographer providing simply classic photography to capture your growing family.

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