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Fall is a short enough season as it is and when you're battling it out with the weather, it feels even shorter. The threat of rain was imminent for this session and it had been raining all day so any outdoor spot would but muddy. Regardless, we decided to press on and I'm so glad we did!

While at first the sky was moody and grey, we made the most of it and started shooting. Sharon and her children looked great and the overcast skies made their color coordination pop. Factor in the textures of the brick walls and remaining fall foliage and the tone was set! By the end of the session not only had everyone gotten into the groove of taking pictures - which can be kind of uncomfortable in the beginning - but the skies started to play along, as well. The most spectacular sunset started to emerge from behind the clouds giving way to warm golden tones soften by the misty fog close to the ground.

Everyone looked marvelous and their beautiful personalities and smiles made these photos truly great!

Venue: The Historic Aldie Mill in Aldie, Virginia


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