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Getting to know your photographer is a great first step in having a great photo experience. So why don’t I share a little more about myself…

Northern Virginia native, born and raised. I have lived everywhere from Centreville, to Alexandria, and now Haymarket. This has given me an appreciation for the area and the beauty it has to offer, including the rich Virginia landscape and the people who reside here.

A JMU grad with a degree in marketing has taken me through various roles in health & fitness, emergency preparedness, and even Virginia wine country. Each stop along the way brought a wealth of experience and great people I love to call friends. While I'm a nerd for marketing, there was something about photography that was more captivating.

Like every business owner, a series of events led me to starting this business in 2018.  I was six months pregnant and barely knew much about the technical side of photography, but I was determined. Determined to learn the technical and business side, all while enjoying the creative and ability to connect with new people.

Photography holds a lot of meaning for me but sometimes it’s hard to convey how deep that meaning is. Simply, photographs carry a lot of value since they contain the ones we love and moments in time that we treasure. More on my ‘why’ in this blog post.

Phew, that got deep. So to wrap things up and lighten the mood – I’m a NOVA native, married with two sons, who loves laughing, the occasional walk through Target, and yes, that first cup of coffee in the morning.

Did something I say resonate with you? I'd love to connect and learn more!


'Emily was AMAZING throughout the entire process. She is very kind, talented, professional and caring. If I could give ten stars I would!'


Sept. 2019


My goal is that you are happy through the entire photography experience.

Putting yourself in front of the camera can be intimidating. How often are we followed by a camera for a solid hour? [or eight hours if you're getting married!] It's not often. 

During your photography session, I am there to provide as much support as you need. I tell my clients the first 15 minutes can be a little strange. To get you into your session, we start easy with some posing tips/tricks and then we basically chat while we go for a walk. As we walk, we'll stop for pictures and then keep going. 

What I've experienced is that an hour goes by super quick and clients have a good time in the process!

Don't let the fear of being in front of the camera hold you back. Send me an email with what your goals are for a photo session and let's chat!

A little more about Emily 


I love technology - my computer and phone top the list. But I will ALWAYS love writing in notebooks and, yes, I have a rotating favorite pen!


Fall is my favorite time of the year. It feels more like a new year with kids going back to school and summer being over, than actual New Year's Day.



When life gives  you lemons, find reasons to laugh? I love laughing and making others laugh. Looking for others who are the same way!


You know him, you love him, he's the assistant. He's responsible for being a test subject when a new lens comes in and also the website. So if the website is know why.


I strive to provide the best service from the moment you inquire.

Part of providing excellent service is continually learning and improving. Photography education is not only a priority, it's a passion. I owe it to you and myself to continue my education and refine this craft. 

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