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A Manassas Battlefields Summer Maternity Session | Northern Virginia

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Lacey and Kevin are expecting a sweet baby girl and I got to take their maternity photos! This is a special session because Lacey and I go way back...

This one time, in 5th grade, my class was like in the cool computer lab with the cool like Apple computers that were colorful doing whatever random antiquated pre-Google computer assignment (do I sound like a tween from the very early 2000s?), when this girl walks in with her mom. She was wearing a private school uniform and that really stuck out to me. Probably because I never saw someone wearing a uniform, especially not at our school. Please, I was likely wearing my Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt and baggy bell-bottoms *instert all the eye rolls*.

That day I had a vivid thought of 'oh, we're definitely going to be friends'. Low and behold, this new was in our class just a few days later. And that's where it all started. Lacey and I became fast friends. We could play for hours - everything from Lee Middleton Dolls, to dreaming about wedding plans, four-wheeling in the woods, snow days spent sledding at the battlefields. Yeah, we had a fun childhood!

Fast forward to now - we're all grown up, married, and growing our families. Lacey and Kevin are expecting their baby girl in August and I'm so incredibly excited for them!

Now this session wouldn't be complete without chatting about the dad-to-be, Kevin. Not enough credit goes to the dads when they're expecting a baby. All the body changes they go through, lack of stretch marks, indulging in the cravings (or as I refer to them, sympathy cravings)'s a lot. Fortunately for Kevin, he wears it well. Just check out how he manages to get his pre-baby body back in a matter of seconds!

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