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A Stunning Summer Wedding Full of Color in West Virginia

Emily + Jon | Married


Emily is wonder woman when it comes to being a bride and pulling together a stunning affair! I said what I said - she had a vision and the final result was absolutely gorgeous.

Listen, weddings are so much more meaningful than the flowers or the adorable reception dress but those little details make the bigger meaning even more magical.

Emily reached out just about a month before her wedding day. A month - could you imagine how stressful that must be? She handled everything with grace and had a support network to back her up. Personally, I was excited that her wedding was happening so soon!

She shared that she and her fiancé, Jon, would be getting married in a little Catholic chapel where she attended as a child. They'd continue the celebration at her parent's home in the barn that her dad remodeled and prepared for the occasion. She knew she wanted to capture the back of her wedding dress because the bow was from her mother's wedding dress.

All of these little details (well, remodeling a barn is a substantial detail) added up to a sentimental affair.

Before even arriving to Emily's family home, my breath was taken away at the first sight of West Virginia. The drive up route 9 was misleading - the road seemed to get narrower lined with more and more trees as you traveled up a 'mountain' and then you reach the top and - boom - stunning views of West Virginia. With the cloud coverage that day, the view was epic.

As I pulled up and parked, there was a laid back vibe. I met Jon with his groomsmen while walking up to the house. They were enjoying their morning - as groomsmen do since they don't have hours of hair and makeup to consider ;) Emily and her girls were in their own suite having their own fun.

Emily maintained a laid back demeanor. She was ready for her wedding day! Her bridesmaids were helpful and upbeat tending to all the details. We took a variety of getting ready photos and before you knew it, it was time to leave for the church.

St. Agnes Chapel had so much charm for a tiny church. I always see these established small churches in downtown areas, or even rural areas, and wonder what they've seen in all of their history. St. Agnes was no exception. The interior is simply the pews and the sanctuary. This particular church did offer an upper level, making a unique vantage point for the ceremony.

Emily and Jon sat side by side listening to the Priest's words. Whether it was the light coming through the stained glass windows or the backdrop behind the sanctuary, the subtle golden glow filled the room.

Something new to me in terms of weddings was a bubble send-off leaving the church. Planning your own wedding? This is something to add to your list! Leaving the church, your recessional after a ceremony outdoors, ending your reception during daylight -- have a bubble send off! You'll see how adorable Emily and Jon are in these photos!

Formal portraits started at the church - hello adorable entry way photos - and concluded at the family farm. The light was so amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better glow, especially because the day was supposed to be a washout. These two are such a gorgeous couple!

Reception time was upon us! The wedding party and newlyweds made their entrance cheered on by family and friends. Everyone was feeling the love and ready to celebrate Emily and Jon!

A blessing led to dances, speeches led to dinner, and eventually cutting the cake. All of these events with fun surprises in between.

Speaking of surprises, at one point Emily appeared with a second look just for the reception. A beautiful simple white dress and, if I'm remembering correctly, with pockets!

The sky that evening was the perfect cotton candy pink and as that sun set the party got started!

Before the night was over, Emily and Jon stepped away with me for a couple nighttime shots. The horse barn had just enough ambient light from the cafe lights. I asked them to dance while I snapped a few motion-blur shots. These images are not my usual but oh how I love the authentic blur and grain capturing a moment I hope these two will remember forever.

Wishing Emily and Jon an abundance of happiness as they go through life together!

Vendor Team:

Ceremony: St. Agnes Chapel in Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Venue: The Bride's Family Residence in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Photographer: Emily Marcella Photography in Haymarket, Virginia

Second Photographer: Kassidy Mowery Photography in Canton, Ohio

Coordination: Katelyn Duncan in West Virginia

Catering: Pownall's Bistro & Catering in Martinsburg, West Virginia

DJ: Allied Sound in West Virginia

Hair & Makeup: Makeup by Angie in West Virginia

Floral: Depot Florist in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Wedding Dress: K&B Bridal in Bel Air, Maryland

A Martinsburg West Virginia Summer Wedding


About Emily Marcella Photography

Emily Marcella Photography is a Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer providing simply classic wedding photography.

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