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It started with a 2 PM cup of coffee...

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Yes, it all started with a late cup of coffee. I was craving two things - caffeine and creativity. What ended up being my daily cup of coffee and taking a few photos during naptime turned in to the start of my journey into brand photography.

Behind the scenes I had a looming idea that there was something more I should be doing in my brand. Specifically, I knew I needed three things in my business:

  1. To finally post photos of myself on my social channels [it had been SIX months since the last time I shared a photo of my face on my accounts and my business name IS my name *eye roll*]

  2. To explore brand photography and curation for my brand

  3. To know if other business were struggling to show up in their feeds as well

One naptime creative session turned into three sessions where I challenged myself to pull together a curated mini brand photography session for myself. That meant finding a few things to illustrate a story about myself, take pictures of my lovely face, and finding a setting that wasn't covered with toddler toys.

There it was - my one put-together, styled corner of the house. I made my cup of coffee, put it in a mug that would keep it warm for longer than 15 minutes (thanks to this Yeti mug), and got to work.

Right now it's all about planning within my business. It's the beginning of the year, a fresh start, so the creative thoughts are flowing. You'll find me with a notebook near by for any thoughts or ideas that come to mind. Plus, I love notebooks! There's something so satisfying about a new notebook to hold all of your ideas.

I had the beginning of my story for my mini brand photography session. I'd illustrate the fresh start a new year brings and how I am ready to go with a coffee and a notebook.

To give my story more depth, I found elements that showed planning in more detail. For example, my Golden Coil planner (found here) has a section for planning out social media content. Target pulled me in on a new *surprise* notebook and calendar that totally fit the theme, as well. It was easy enough to add in a few complementing elements like push pins, glasses, greenery, etc., around the house and before you knew it I had enough for my mini-session.

This creative endeavor was underway! I laid out shots keeping composition and lighting in mind but most importantly the purpose of the photos. The intention behind this session was to illustrate my story, represent my brand, and most importantly, put myself in front of the camera.

I was THRILLED with the outcome. Now I have a handful of photos of myself to use on social media and my website, brand photography is less of a mystery and more of an intrigue [more on this later], and, through a series of Instagram stories, I know I'm not alone in having content to share about myself.

So what's next?

So glad you asked! I want to help other small businesses and personal brands illustrate their brands and create content through photography. This is all a work in progress but here's where I am in this brand photography journey:

  1. Education - I am working through various classes and resources to figure out how best to make brand photography attainable for all small businesses and personal brands. That means taking out the intimidation of planning, the overwhelm of curating, and crafting an experience that is both productive and fun.

  2. Research - Are you a small business or personal brand responsible for their own marketing and creating content? I want to hear from you through a short survey. Email me for the link! *Bonus: I'll be giving away a full branding session for free and all you have to do is fill out the survey and share your email address to be entered!*

  3. Planning & Practice - There are still details to work out, things to learn, tactics to try and I cannot wait to dive in!

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