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Bump to Baby: Spring in Bloom Welcoming Baby Logan

Spring brings the fresh new beginning we're all looking for after the winter. Coming out of a hibernation, full of energy.

Lauren reached out early in the year to book her maternity photos - a planner, I love it! She was due in April and wanted to capture blossoms of spring.

If there's one thing that's completely unpredictably predictable it's the cherry blossoms. You know every spring they'll emerge but when that will actually happen is different every year.

Fortunately, Meadowlark Botanical Gardens is a gem of a location for photos. The articulate planning of the space means there's beauty anytime of the year.

You enter the park from the welcome center and all of the sudden you're on top of a hill overlooking the entire space. Paths and bridges lead you through the gardens so you can easily move through a photo session while capturing the variety.

Lauren and her husband, Addison, did a great job loving on baby while taking photos. Natural excitement exuded in their expressions!

We were quite fortunate to capture the beginning blooms of the season. Daffodils, red japanese maples, and lush white blooming trees perfectly adorned the background of their photos.

Northern Virginia Maternity Photos at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

Family Photos at Home with a New Baby

Lauren and Addison welcomed baby Logan in April. I was lucky enough to meet this sweet boy in July for a family session in their home.

If you've followed my blog, you know I'm a huge fan of photos at home. What better way to capture a specific chapter of life than with photos during that time. I will forever love looking at our newborn photos at home for all the details of that time of life because it sure went by fast.

Lauren and Addison will have these photos to forever remember those early days with baby Logan <3

Venue: Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, Virginia


About Emily Marcella Photography

Emily Marcella Photography is a Northern Virginia Maternity Photographer providing simply classic photography to capture your growing family.

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