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Together Again | Family Photos on the Stone Bridge at the Manassas Battlefields in Northern Virginia

An overcast day over Memorial Day weekend at the stone bridge at the Manassas Battlefields proved to be a beautiful setting for this extended family photography session.

The McIvor family was finally together again after over a year of being apart. Grandparents with grandkids, cousins reunited with other cousins, siblings finally seeing their siblings. It was really sweet to see everyone together, laughing and having fun.

Especially sweet was seeing the little cousins reuniting after so long. My cousins are like siblings and I was fortunate to grow up with them close by but even going a couple months without seeing them felt like an eternity. They were all close but especially the two little girls who were thick as thieves, running around giggling.

After such a long time a part, Grandma made sure her grandbabies had fresh baked cookies to enjoy. These kiddos were SO excited to get their hands on the cookies!

The cherry on top of this session were the perfectly coordinated outfits these families wore. Well before I started photography, I remember that the majority of family photos had everyone matching in the exact same outfit (ex. all white shirts and jeans). You could go into almost any home and see these family photos on the wall. There's nothing wrong with this but it's boring after awhile.

Instead of everyone matching, the McIvor family did an amazing job coordinating their outfits. Everyone looked so great together rocking various shades of blue with white in a variety of patterns and textures. By doing this, your photos look more visually appealing and allow individual preferences to shine through. As for the color palette, you can't go wrong with fresh colors like white and blue. These colors look great in any season.

It's been quite a long year but reuniting has never been so sweet. Capturing this time together with family photos is the perfect way to commemorate such a monumental reunion.

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